University of Surrey

Peter Shelley

Head of International Student Recruitment

The team at HKEW have an excellent understanding of UK education of the relative strengths of different universities in the UK. So we are confident that they are able to give students and their parents very good advice when making their decisions on study options. HKEW has a well-earned reputation for high quality customer service and professionalism. All of us at the University of Surrey enjoy working with the HKEW team.

Choosing the right university is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make. So it's worth spending time doing a lot of research. You should give a lot of thought to what subject you want to study – as that's the first decision you need to make. Once you've chosen your subject, you should do your research into the different UK universities that offer that subject. And remember to look at a range of factors – the ranking of the university, its location, whether it's a campus or a city university. We recommend that students think about what career they would like to pursue and what topics interest them. Then students should choose their programme based on those factors.


Plymouth University International College,
Associate College of Plymouth University

Karl Abbey

Director of Marketing and Admission

Plymouth University International College have been working with HKEW for over 6 years, right from our initial opening in 2009. HKEW have established themselves as one of our most trusted partners with a focus on placing students according to their needs and ensuring that all aspects of the application process are completed successfully with a minimum of fuss. The team at HKEW have always been friendly, supportive and efficient and clearly have the best interests of the student in mind.

When choosing your preferred institution, you need to think about all aspects of your life as a student in the UK. While your chosen degree is the most important factor, the environment, the required investment and your quality of life as a student are vital to an enjoyable and successful UK study experience. Plymouth University are best known for our outstanding Tourism and Hospitality, Architecture, Environmental Science, Marine-related and Logistics courses. Aside from those, we have a superb offering across a range of subject areas at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.


University of Reading

Sarah Jamieson

Regional Officer - East Asia, Reading International Office

Hong Kong Education Web provides an extremely professional and personal service to students and parents. I've personally cooperated with the team at Hong Kong Education Web for four years, in my roles at both the University of Reading and another UK university. I have always found their counselling team to be highly knowledgeable and dedicated to helping students find the right course at the right university. They communicate frequently with university staff and have a high degree of understanding of important procedures such as applying for accommodation and pre-departure preparation.

I recommend that students and parents research their university choices by meeting with representatives, searching the universities' websites and visiting if possible. For guidance and details on how universities differ and what they offer, Hong Kong Education Web can offer expert advice. If students are keen to study at a safe campus, close to London and with excellent transport links, I encourage them to consider one of our many outstanding courses at the University of Reading, such as Real Estate, Construction Management, Law, Art & Design, Sciences and Psychology. For students who may not be able to achieve the grades required for entrance to a top university, I recommend that they consider our International Foundation Programme, which is one of the oldest and highly reputable pathway programmes in the UK.


Kaplan International

Drew Newport

Regional Director Asia Pacific

Kaplan International has worked with the team at HK Education Web for over 8 years. At Kaplan International Colleges, we strongly encourage students and their parents to see advice from an educational agent, like HK Education Web. HK Web, works in partnership with many schools, colleges and Universities around the world and have many successful years of placing the right student at the right institution. As Kaplan International College has 8 University Pathway colleges in the UK, 2 Pathways colleges in Australia and 4 US University partners in North America, Kaplan is a very popular choice for Hong Kong students.

However, having so many choices can be confusing also making the choice to study abroad is a big decision and if you're
thinking about the option then it is best to seek advice from HK Education Web who have helped 1000's of students like you make
that important decision to study abroad. The team at Kaplan, always enjoy working with the staff at HK Education Web because the whole team are very professional and supportive to students. Also the events they organise in Hong Kong, like education fairs and seminars are always very well attended and are a great opportunity to meet students who want to learn more about Kaplan. If you're looking for a supportive, educational agent who can give you clear and impartial advice, look no further than HK Education Web!


Monash University

Jaime Jobson

Regional Manager, Hong Kong

Monash and HKEW have had a trusted partnership for many years. The team at HKEW are friendly and informative about Monash programs and are able to deliver a great service for the students of Hong Kong seeking international study destinations. HKEW provide quality applications and correct documentation that ensures a faster service for its students.

Be sure you look at the structures of the programs you are considering carefully to make sure they have the content you want. Monash University is a comprehensive institution that offers a full range of degrees with popular disciplines including arts, commerce, medicine and health, law, architecture, engineering, pharmacy and science. If Hong Kong students don't meet our University our entry scores, Monash College has a range of diplomas and a Foundation Year that enable students to pathway into University.


International Study Centres, UK & Europe Study Group

George Warshaw

Recruitment Manager, North & South East Asia

The International Study Centres are located on the campuses of our 25 partner Universities across the UK & Europe and branded with the name of the University. We provide a wide range of University Preparation courses for international students, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. These courses are ideal for students who don't meet either the academic or language entry
requirements for direct entry to degree programmes at that particular University, as well as students who choose a foundation as
their pathway to University study in the UK. When students seek advice in order to studying abroad, it is vital that they work with
education agencies who have a high degree of knowledge about overseas institutions, as well as the Country's education systems.

Hong Kong Education Web is an excellent agency, which offers not only the expertise on most of our partner University's degree
courses, but also the pathway courses which we offer on the campuses. I have always found all Hong Kong Education Web staff
to be extremely efficient, trustworthy and professional in all aspects of the student application process. If you would like to receive
more information on our courses, please do not hesitate to contact the team at Hong Kong Education Web; who provide an
excellent link between parents & students and our International Study Centres.


Kings Education

Anna Trott

Regional Director, China, Hong Kong and Macau

Hong Kong Education Web is a well-established overseas education agency in Hong Kong, with whom Kings has enjoyed a strong working partnership for several years. We have always found the team at HKEW to be reliable and professional while all of the consultants bring with them a wealth of experience to their dealings with students. They have had several enquiries for our hospitality and tourism management foundation course at Kings Bournemouth campus which can help students to progress into leading UK Universities in this field, a good example being The University of Surrey, ranked number one for hospitality.

An alternative to the GCE A-level is the Kings Advanced Level Foundation, which is a one year course, specifically designed for international students, and based on A-level syllabuses, where students are able to choose three core subjects to allow maximum flexibility in their degree preparation. A highly academic course taught by A-level teachers and moderated by an independent Advisory Board of external examiners, this is one of the most focused and successful pathways to leading UK universities.


Universityof Leicester

Caroline Berry

Head of International Market Development, International Office

We have been working with HKEW since 2010 and have always found their service to be professional and friendly. Hong Kong
students may be interested in our BSc Biological Sciences, with specialisms in Genetics, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Neuroscience and Zoology. Leicester is particularly famous for Biological Sciences and this year (2015) our programmes are ranked 8th in the UK by the Guardian.


Newcastle University

Anthea Hui

Regional Manager (Hong Kong & Taiwan), 
International Relations, Corporate Affairs Directorate

HKEW is excellent! They offer reliable and quality service to the students. We are a comprehensive university which offers
over 200 different undergraduate and postgraduate courses. I would strongly recommend our Combined Honours to students
who are interested in more than one subject. It allows you to choose from a wide range of subjects, combining 2 or 3 of them for in-depth study in one of the most extensive degree programmes of its kind. Studying more than one subject allows you to see the world from multiple perspectives, allowing you to enhance your intellectual skills as well as your graduatness. The Combined Honours degree promotes independence, adaptability, confidence and assurance.


Fraser International College (FIC)

Treshia Gunardi

Marketing Manager

We have been working with HKEW since the start of FIC, in 2006. We have a strongand long-standing relationship with HKEW and feel that the agency provides excellent services to students. Staffs and counsellors are well-informed on FIC programs and are competent in providing accurate and reliable information to students. HKEW provides great service – everyone is very professional and easy to work with! Students need to find an agency that they feel comfortable in, and find the ones that give accurate and genuine advice based on the students' needs and conditions.

FIC provides first year undergraduate program that will lead into second year at SFU. Our courses are all SFU approved and most of our instructors are SFU instructors. We provide extra support for international students with smaller class size and extra tutorials and support classes for students.